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The GRAND company was established as a result of the transformation from Zakład Ślusarsko Budowlany, which has existed since 1988. Initially, as a small family business, ZŚB specialized in the production of steel structures and steel products, and residential construction.

In 1989, multifunctional steel structures with the possibility of adapting, among others, were put into production. for sheds, large-size halls, warehouses.

From 1995. for the purpose of comprehensive customer service, a strict specialization of services was introduced. Cooperation with high-class specialists was established, thanks to which projects from structural and architectural design through foundations to interior design could be carried out. The common experience gained over more than 30 years of operation is in itself a guarantee of the quality and reliability of the services provided. Many clients from all over Poland could notice the company's professionalism and establish cooperation to their mutual satisfaction.

Currently, the GRAND company has an experienced technical and executive staff, with several dozen years of production of steel structures for the domestic market and export. Manufactured large-size, multi-storey halls, bridges and other complex complex constructions are appreciated by customers. The production capacity is estimated up to 500 tons kilos of structures per month. The heated hall with dimensions of 217x197ft is equipped with a 5T kilos overhead crane and three 6.3T kilos overhead cranes, a CNC machine for plasma and oxygen cutting up to 50mm, a machine for applying a zinc coating, guillotines for cutting sheets up to 20mm thick, modern welding machines, automated band saws for cutting profiles and an extensive machine park for machining. Effective anti-corrosion protection is applied by cleaning to the Sa 3 cleanliness degree in a special blasting chamber, painting with airless spray with a selected set of paints in a heated paint shop.

The Grand company has received a license for the contractor of the Flame Stal fire-resistant coatings, has the Certificate of Factory Production Control PN-EN 1090-1 + A1: 2012 IDT EN 1090-1: 2009 + A1: 2011, Certificate confirming compliance with quality requirements (UDT) for welding metal materials in accordance with PN EN ISO 3834-2007.

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We offer comprehensive construction services, from design to commissioning of the building for all kinds of simple and very complex projects.


Guarantee of the highest quality! Certificate of Factory Production Control PN-EN 1090-1 + A1: 2012 IDT EN 1090-1: 2009 + A1: 2011 Certificate confirming compliance with the quality requirements (UDT) for welding metal materials in accordance with PN EN ISO 3834-2007


We have manual machines and CNC machines for plasma or oxygen cutting of elements up to 50mm thick.


We are a licensed manufacturer of zinc coatings applied by metallization. We have an experienced team responsible only for the galvanization of products. Galvanizing by metallization is one of the best solutions to protect products against oxidation.




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